I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking such good care of my car. You have gone over and above to fix my car. It is running like new.

I appreciate all the work you and your team have done.

All the best

Hi Folks,

To everyone who had a hand in repairing my car, l am so happy with the results much more than l expected.

It looks just like it was when l bought the car in October of 2004. And that was detailed so it looked amazing then like it does now.

I will certainly recommend TC classics to anyone l know who need repares done.

Just a little request is it possible for me to have a little bottle of the Acrilic Lacquer you used, l do have a little bottle but it has dried out.

There is a bit on my bumper that is flaking that l could touch up before it gets any worse, l will gladly pay for it.

Thank you all once again for the amazing job that has been done on my car.

Hi TC,

I just wanted to say thank you again for the repairs you did to our CX5 this week – and please pass on our thanks to the person/people who cleaned the inside of our dog hair covered car!! It’s immaculate… and the dog won’t be allowed in there anytime soon!


Dear Jaqueline & other staff processing vehicle accident/ repair claims. Thank you for speedily attending to my vehicle repair claim on the 22 May 2020. You referred me to TC CLASSIC -Auto body repairs in Bassendean. They have repaired my Ford Mustang to an “As new” state in a prompt period – John the business owner & Jess in the office were great &  friendly & very professional to deal with. I would highly recommend using TC Classics if you’re as pedantic as I am with my car. Regards

Hi team,

Just collected my Hyundai i30. Repairs you have completed are so good. Also, I must say, congratulations on your service level, I was always kept informed during repair process, plus you updated the rental company when there were some slight delays, saving me the time and hassle. I will be telling everyone I know how amazing you all are. 🙂

Kind regards

Dear Admin

I am writing to just congratulate your staff on a great service provided with the work on my car that needed fixing this week (black station wagon golf).

The front staff member Jesse was very professional and super clear with her communication throughout the weekly process. The phone calls and regular texts supported me to know that the job was being done well by your team.

A big thank you to all your staff on a job well done and I look forward to recommending your services to others if needed.

Warm regards

I just wanted to write in and say a big thank you for experience I received this week with your company, being a young female walking out of a car repair place I often feel confused and unsatisfied. This morning I left your workshop with a massive smile on my face to have my car back and better than ever. It looked fantastic, it was polished and detailed and I am so so happy with the job done! Thank you all at TC Classics !

I would like to thank you and your staff at Tc Classics for the excellent service offered me, during the recent repairs on my Holden Adventra. Your Company showed great professionalism, and attention to detail that I have not yet experienced from any other car repairer. The panel and paint work was perfect, my car looks brand new.When I picked up the car I notice that the car had been detailed throughout, it was immaculate. I congratulate you and you staff on an excellent job, and would happily recommend TC Classics to anyone in need of repairs to their vehicles.

To whom it may concern:

TC Classic has been servicing our panel and paint needs for our emergency services vehicles for the past two years. We are very impressed with the quality and efficiency of the service they provide.  John and the team at TC Classic have the latest equipment and use the highest quality of paints, which ensures that our vehicles are restored to new condition. It is with pleasure that I provide this testimonial and would be happy to be contacted at any time for further information.

I recently had to make a claim on my motor vehicle insurance and took my car to the recommended repairer (TC Classics in Bassendean). When I dropped the car off they drove me home and advised me that the repairs would take a week to be done.  That was on Monday 23rd March 2015 and I picked the car up early this afternoon, one week to the day!! They were going to pick me up but as luck would have it my daughter had just returned from taking my wife to an appointment so I grabbed a lift with her as she lives near TC Classics. Well done TC Classics!!

Welcome to TC Classics

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